Training Tuesday: The name on the bib

I did it!  I took the first step to a new level plunge.  I signed up for the Philly Half Marathon in November.

Back in the spring, I debated signing up for the Broad Street 10 mile and I hesitated and came up with reasons why not to and I missed it.  Then I was going to sign up for the Philly Rock n Roll Half back in September.  I hesitated and came up with reasons why not to and I missed it.  Each time, on race day, my Facebook page would be covered with pics and status updates about my friends completing the race.  And I would be wishing I did it too.

So I took the plunge, forked out the money that usually makes me hesitate, and signed up.  Funny thing, you know what made me actually sign up last night?  I got an email that said yesterday was the last day to sign up and have your name on your race bib.

Your name on your race bib.

Such a little thing, but also such a huge thing.  Last year, my friend Emily and I ran the Rothman 8k that is a part of the Philly Marathon Weekend.  We were so excited when we picked up our bibs and noticed our names on it.  We never had our names on a bib before.  It felt like we were in the big time now.

My name on the Rothman 8k race bib.
My name on the Rothman 8k bib.

But the best part about having your name on the bib?  We were at about the 4 mile mark in the race.  And someone in the crowd yelled, “Go Emily!”  We looked around to see who knew us and realized the person was simply yelling her name because it was on the bib.  But still, hearing her name definitely made us kick it into high gear for the last mile.

And so, as I was debating and hesitating and coming up with all sorts of reasons not to sign up for the half, one little email, with one seemingly silly message was the encouragement I needed.

Yesterday, I happened to meet my friend Emily for a run.  She told me she was debating signing up for the half.  I told her about the email and the names on the bib.  She had read the same email and was thinking the exact same thing.  So then last night at 11 pm I texted her that I just signed up for it … and she texted back that she had too!

Emily and I getting ready to start the Rothman 8k
Emily and I getting ready to start the Rothman 8k

So, Emily, I can’t wait for November 17th … to proudly wear our bibs with our names on them … and graduate from the 8k to run our first Half Marathon together!

And if you, dear reader, are debating doing something that you’ve never done before, I’m praying that you will stop debating and coming up with excuses (like I have), and that you will see the silly little signs of encouragement and go for it!

Pressing on together,



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