Why Its Not Enough

I want to clarify that I know all of my pressing on will never be enough.  I will never be perfect enough.  In my eyes, I may be satisfied where I’m at.  In the eyes of those around me, I may reach a point of good enough or maybe even better than someone else.  But that doesn’t matter.

In God’s eyes I will never be perfect enough on my own to enter His presence.  Which if that was the end of the story, it would stink!  But it’s not.  God provided a way of perfection through Jesus.  Jesus, who is God, while walking through earth as a man lived a perfect life.  When He died on the cross, He died as a punishment that I deserved, not him.

Jesus was basically saying, “Becki, I know you are imperfect.  I know you will never be perfect.  My father and I want you to be with us, but you can’t since you aren’t perfect.  So here’s what we decided: I am going to die on a cross and go to hell and then rise from hell to pay your price to spend eternity with us.  I will cover you with my perfection if you let me.”

So while I press on, with God’s help, in this world to be the woman I was created to be, I can rest assured that no matter how much I fail, Jesus has covered me in perfection for eternity.

Have you let Him cover you in perfection as well?



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