Mothering Monday: Sleepy mama

Happy Mother’s Day

Very kind and sweet

loving, beautiful and nice

unique and cheerful

Mom, Caring, Trusting, Kind, Smart, Loving, Sweet, Best, Sleepy

Sleepy???  What???  Sleepy??? Uh oh… Yesterday, as most mothers were, I was showered with home-made gifts for Mother’s Day.  My oldest son made a teapot with words on it to describe me.  My middle son made a heart out of words that describe me.  I loved reading through their descriptions of me, so flattering… but then on the heart in big letters I read, “SLEEPY”.

I can’t really argue with it, I am often tired.  But it breaks my heart that my 7-year-old would define me that way.  Caring, trusting, kind, smart, loving, sweet, best… I love those descriptions.  I know they are not always true, but that they would use those words to describe me, tells me that for the most part I’m doing the right thing.  But reading sleepy, reminds me of my imperfections.

I am not a morning person, and my 7-year-old is.  Soon after my husband leaves for work, my son wakes up.  He knows not to wake me up until 7:30.  He gets himself dressed, usually gets himself breakfast, and often will turn on the TV.  Then at 7:30 he comes and wakes me up, sometimes bringing me coffee that he made for me.  This arrangement works for me.  I thought it worked for my son.  But after reading, “sleepy” I wonder if it really works for him.  Maybe I’ll have to have a conversation with him and see if it bothers him that I’m not awake in the morning.

I’m a night person, and I love staying up late when the house is quiet.  I love reading, or watching TV, or working on a project without being disturbed.  But maybe, I need to sacrifice some of that time and make sure I get to bed earlier.  I know my teacher husband who wakes up at 6 would appreciate it.  But I enjoy that time so much, would I become a little bitter and angry that I don’t have as much alone time?  I’m an introvert and I recharge during that time.  So what do I need more?  The chance to recharge or the sleep?  I guess like all of life, I have to find that balance.  And like all of life, I’m sure my kids will find a way to let me know when I’m doing it well or when I’m failing.

For all of you mothers out there… I hope you enjoyed your day.  Thank you for all you do for your family, because it’s impact goes far beyond your family.  You are raising my children’s peers.  You are raising the future teachers, and politicians, and inventors, and doctors, and businessmen, and policemen, and military personnel.  So thank you.

♥Becki, Sleepy Mama

Me and my boys…


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