Thursday’s Thoughts on Home: Back to school

Much to my oldest son’s dismay and my middle son’s delight Target, (and every other store) is filled with back to school stuff.  I love markers for 88 cents and glue sticks for 20 cents and crayons for 24 cents… So once it’s all bought and the kids are back full swing into school, how do you keep all their stuff organized?

Overall I’m not a very organized person.  I can come up with great plans and get everything orderly, it’s keeping it that way that’s my problem.  Which, since I live in a small (1000 sq. ft) home, I really should get better at doing.  But one thing I’m happy with is the boy’s school stuff.

Here was the problem, we have no foyer – you walk right into our living room.  Our hall closet is very tiny and the boy’s bedrooms aren’t that big either.  So where should the boys keep their backpacks, library books, shoes, hats, coats, and all the other things they need for school?  Two years ago, I came up with the idea to have some type of locker for each of them.

I searched online and found exactly what I wanted but my wallet said no.  So I kept hunting.  Then at Target I found the perfect thing.  I got these cabinets that have an adjustable shelf in them.  Inside my boys keep their backpacks, shoes, coats and all.  But on the outside, I can decorate them and make them look nice and homey since they are in my living room.  I like it so much, and think that even if I had a larger home I would do something like that just to keep their stuff organized and in one place.  (By the way, from the picture can you tell that we have an insane amount of Phillies hats…)


Have you found something that works for you?

♥Becki, imperfect housekeeper


5 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts on Home: Back to school

  1. Actually the bench in our kitchen is also a shoebox. Designed by me..built by fits our little but cozy house perfectly!

  2. I love the cabinets. Do you know the brand? I’d love to do this for my house. I’ve had their school things in their buckets from preschool but as they get older it doesn’t work as well as it use to. Their stuff is still contained but cabinets like you used would look nicer, if they will hold their backpacks/binders.

    1. Karen – I’m not sure… I just looked for a brand on them and don’t see it. I got it a couple of years ago at Target – in the closet section I think. It came in a flat box and you had to put it together.

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