Training Tuesday: Running girl adventures

I had a running first today… and it wasn’t my time…

…although it was my second best time for 3 miles – I’m getting closer to an 11 minute mile!

As I was running, a random woman who was driving by in a mini van stopped, opened her window and started talking to me.  I assumed she was going to ask for directions, and although I wanted to be nice and helpful, I didn’t want to stop because I was timing myself.  But she didn’t ask for directions.  Instead she asked me something that stopped me in my tracks… well not fully stopped, I kept running in place as we talked.

She asked if I could use a running partner.  She was looking for someone to run with.  I said sure, that I was usually there every Tuesday and Thursday with my friend but she could join us too.  She said Thursdays didn’t work, but she’d meet us on Tuesday.  I was shocked!  As we smiled and waved she started to drive away saying, “See you Tuesday.”  Then she added, “Oh, by the way, I’m Sarah.”  I told her my name, and then she drove away.

As I ran on, I replayed the scene in my head.  To me, it was just so crazy because I would have never done that.  Ask a complete stranger to be a running partner?  Nope, I’m not that type of person.  But I did go on Facebook and ask my Facebook friends if someone would run with me.  Out of that, I got a running partner, who we both agree that the “free therapy” of talking is almost as important as the exercise we get from running.  But if no one would have responded, I would have simply been left without a partner.  So the incentive this woman took completely impressed me.  And what was it about me that encouraged her to stop… was I going slow enough that she thought, “I could do that too”?  Or was I going fast enough that she thought, “That’s the extra challenge that I need”?  Hmmm, I’ll have to ask her on Tuesday.  I’ll admit though, a huge part of me is doubting she’ll show up.  But I hope she does.

But… Oh No!!!!  As I’m typing this, I realized I’m chaperoning a kindergarten field trip on Tuesday.  If she shows up, I won’t be there!  I guess if my friend is still able to run, I’ll have her look for Sarah.  But what if my friend doesn’t run either?  Should I try to post a sign somewhere:

Dear Sarah (random stranger from the minivan),
 I really do want to run with you, but I had to go on a field trip today.  
Sorry!  I’ll be here next Tuesday.    
Becki (random running stranger)

But where would I post a sign like that… oh my.  The crazy adventures of a running girl!  I’ll let you know what happens.

Before I sign off for the day, I have to brag celebrate a little.  I am officially the lowest weight that I’ve been since my first pregnancy over 11 years ago!  Not quite at that pre-pregnancy weight, but getting closer.  But even then, I had just “lost” weight and only had it off for less than a year.  But I’m determined that I’ve thrown this weight away, not lost it to be found again.  So, yay me!  I still have a long way to go, and God still has a lot of work to do in my heart about desiring Him more than brownies or pizza… but I’ve also come so far.

♥Becki, imperfect running girl


3 thoughts on “Training Tuesday: Running girl adventures

  1. Love that Sarah stopped you. You never know. She might just be your next best friend. She might really need a free therapy session. I would post a sign. Did you tell her where the meeting spot is?

  2. Whoo hooo. Way to go Becki. Keep up the good weight loss (and making new friends, lol.) If she’s got the minivan, I’m sure she understands about class trips 😉

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