Training Tuesday: Back on the wagon…

Ok, so it’s January 3rd, the kids are back in school and I know it’s time to get back on the eating right / exercising / blogging wagon that I’ve fallen hard off of!  Problem is yesterday I started reading a really good book, The Hunger Games, and I stayed up late last night and this morning came way too soon.  I babysat this morning and was able to steal a couple chapters in while the kids all played.  I took my youngest to kindergarten with the intention of coming home, typing the blog, doing some quick cleaning and going for a run before I picked him up.  Again, the problem is the book… I dropped him off, came home and heated up some soup that I made last week in my new stock pot and curled up on the couch with the book.  Then I made a cup of coffee and ate 2 of the Christmas cookies that are still lingering while finishing the book.  And now, even while I type this, I’m contemplating ordering the 2nd book for the kindle and ditching the cleaning or run that I’m still hoping to get in before I have to pick son up at school.

Somehow I’m going to will myself to wait to order the book until at least after my meeting tonight.  And then I may need to set some parameters into my reading time… why didn’t I read this last week instead of rereading the Twilight books?

So like I said earlier… I’m hoping to get back on the wagon.  My scale is broken, but my clothes are telling me the sad story as well as my bloated face in the holiday pictures.  Not sure the full extent of damage… not sure that I want to know… I can’t change where I am today, but I’m hoping to change where I’ll be in a few months.  One of my plans is to be intentional about my Bible reading.  I know many of you may not be able to relate, but I find that when I’m rooted in God’s word, I take better care of myself.  So I have 2 reading plans.  The first one is to read through the Bible in Chronological order (read through in order the events happened) in one year.  This is something my small group from church has committed to do together.  (Click here for Bible Reading Plan) The second is a 3 month reading of Ephesians.  (The plan can be found here.)  I got the second idea from Women Living Well’s gentleness challenge for mothers who want to learn to yell less.

So that’s what I’m up to… I now have 45 minutes before I have to leave to get my son… will I put away laundry and clean, run, read the Bible, or read book 2 of Hunger Games… hmmm??????  I know I should do 1 of the first 3, but…



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