Mothering Monday: A dog?

They are wearing me down.  They make unceasing promises about how good, happy, responsible they will be.  They point out every one they see.  They are willing to make it their ONLY Christmas present.  We got to see Santa when he was on “vacation” at Ocean City this summer and my middle child told Santa he wanted one.  Santa wisely replied, “Santa will have to talk to your Mom and Dad about that.”

A dog.

I worry about having to take it out during the day.  I worry that our home is too small.  I worry that it will disrupt my sleep.  I worry about when we go away.  I worry about barking.  I worry about expenses since we are already looking for things to cut out of our budget.   I worry about my oldest son’s possible allergies.  I worry that I would either want to “take it back” or that I’ll spend the next 14ish years regretting giving into it.

It was so much easier when my younger 2 were afraid of dogs – but now they want one.  It was so much easier when my oldest seemed to have allergic reactions – puffy red itchy eyes – but now not so much.  They were good reasons to not get a dog.  But now my reasons though valid, seem almost petty when I see the joy on their faces when they play with dogs.

My husband, Jeff, would bring one home with him today if I called him and said that I’m on board with the dog idea.  So really, the power lies with me.  But like it is with Spiderman, “With much power comes much responsibility.”  (Ok, maybe not as much power as Spiderman.)  But I definitely feel like this decision has a big impact on their childhood.

So is it yes or is it no?  I don’t know.  And if it’s yes… what kind?  What do we get for a small house.  One that’s easy to take care of, preferably doesn’t bark too much.  One that is “hypoallergenic”.  Any thoughts?  Oh, yeah, I have said that if I do give into a dog, it has to be a cute girl dog that I can dress up since I don’t have any little girls to buy dresses for.

Opinions definitely appreciated here…



One thought on “Mothering Monday: A dog?

  1. If you don’t LOVE LOVE LOVE dogs, I wouldn’t get one. It will all fall on you since your husband is at work and the fun will wear off for the kids. Plus as much as I love a tiny yorkie or westie, almost all little dogs routinely pee or poop in the house, and they almost all bark A LOT! If you do decide that you are ready to get one. I vote for a lab! I have had many different kinds of dogs and labs are the easiest to train and the most eager to please you. People say that labs are crazy but that’s not true. I have had 3 very calm lazy labs but you have to look for a calm lazy one. You have to be patient in your search. People will tell you they are all crazy but don’t believe them!!! Pick the fattest, laziest, puppy you can, sometimes even the runt is the calmest. Good luck!

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