Thursday’s Thoughts on Home: Why a messy house is good

I’ve said it before, I’m not a good housekeeper.  My clean is another person’s messy.  Hopefully its never so bad that you’ll see me on “Clean Sweep” or anything like that.  I’m not a hoarder, so you won’t see me on “Hoarders” either, but the tables and counters are often covered with clutter.  Toys, shoes, maybe clothes will be found on my stained carpet in the living room.  I like to have all that stuff picked up before I sit down on the couch at night to relax.  But there still might be dishes in the sink and the shower probably didn’t get cleaned that day.

I often look around and get frustrated and look at other people’s homes and wonder how they keep them looking so nice.  I’m trying to find little things/tricks to help keep my home nicer.  But I’m also trying to not be too hard on myself or my family.  So lately I’ve thought about things that are good about having an imperfect messy house.  Here’s what I’ve come up with.

  1. When a friend spills an entire cup of coffee on the living room floor I can point to all the other stains on the carpet in an effort to help her not feel bad.  (True story)
  2. When a friend’s son draws on the walls in my son’s room in permanent marker, I can point to chipped paint and other marks on the wall and assure her that its ok, that one day eventually I’ll get around to repainting.  (True story)
  3. Friends with imperfect homes don’t feel “bad” inviting me over to them or feel like they have to do a major cleaning/scrubbing overhaul first.
  4. When my kids spill something, usually I can calmly hand them something to clean it up without stressing about it.  (I say usually because if they were being completely careless sometimes I get angry at the carelessness.)
  5. I don’t take our cat “to the farm” after the millionth hair ball.
  6. It is obvious to me that material possessions are not what’s most important to me.
I’m sure that’s not an exhaustive list.  But that’s just some things I’ve come up with.  If you are the person with a “perfect” home, I don’t say those things to make you feel bad, I say them to make me (and others like me) feel better.  Can you come up with other reasons?
♥Becki, imperfect housekeeper

One thought on “Thursday’s Thoughts on Home: Why a messy house is good

  1. I’d really love to post pictures of my house alongside this article. I honestly have not cleaned anything since the youngest two arrived at our house! Isn’t it horrible when you feel gross in you own home? Hope to get that resolved soon…thanks for posting this!

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