Training Tuesday: 1 mile, stopping only if I keel over and die

I have been in a major funk… a major no exercising, eating out of control, no Bible reading, messy, selfish, lazy, uninspired, grumpy funk.  But today the sun was shining and inexplicably I decided to run. It had been way too long since my last run so I knew it would not be pretty.  But I decided that I had to “run” at least a mile – that the only way I would stop running before I hit the mile mark was if I keeled over and died.

Well I hit the mile mark and hadn’t died, so I said to myself that I could definitely do 2 miles and the only way I’d stop was if I keeled over and died.  I didn’t die.  Instead as I hit the 2 mile mark, I decided I could do 3 miles and the only way I’d stop was if I keeled over and died.  Well, I’m proud to say that with my guilty pleasure song Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA” blaring I passed the 3 mile mark today.  I know you are probably thinking “big deal, you ran 3 miles before” but it is a big deal.  I have been so unfaithful to my running and eating that the fact that I could run and actually did run a mile was miraculous too me – let alone 3.

As I was running, I started making all sorts of other mental goals of things that I should just do and the only reason to stop working towards is if I keel over and die.  Here’s probably the biggest one on my list:

  1. Be in single digit size clothes by the time I turn 40 (346 days away!)  I spent my teens, 20s, and 30s in double digit size clothes… I’d rather not spend the next 4 decades the same way.
So for today, I’m thankful for the sun shining and motivating me to get out and run.  I’m thankful I didn’t keel over and die, but went beyond what I originally thought I’d be able to do.  For tomorrow, I’m looking for accountability to keep running and eating healthy so that next year this time, my tiny hiny can be sitting here in my single digit clothes typing about something inspiring…

❤Becki, imperfect runner

Do you have a do unless you keel over and die goal?  I’d love to hear about it!  On a much less important note, but maybe more fun note… do you have a guilty pleasure song – what  is it?



2 thoughts on “Training Tuesday: 1 mile, stopping only if I keel over and die

  1. I have a few do or dies. The biggest one is just like you, I want single digit clothes on my body! And I have a whole list of songs that when I hear them my body almost instinctively starts to move. And I just want to say I love reading your inspirations!! Love ya!!

  2. Wow..I was running while you were typing your blog. I ran around our neighborhood and did not die..who knew. I am glad you are starting up again, it will be good to compare notes. (I almost typed fun instead of good…fun would be comparing notes in front of a banana split). My keel over and die goal is to run the Stepping Stone 5k in April. I expect you to bug me till it is done!

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