Training Tuesday: True confessions

True Confessions: Yesterday I ate way too many mint Oreos and chocolate covered pomegranates.  My pizza dinner was void of the normal salad or veggies that should go with it.  I ate my late night snack while watching Ashley choose J.P. over Ben on the Bachelorette and absolutely was not even hungry for it.  I haven’t run or exercised in a couple of weeks.  This morning started out better… but then I found that bag of chocolate covered pomegranates again… So I feel completely unworthy to write any post that begins “Training Tuesday”.

But I’ve admitted over and over my imperfection.  And I’m not content to stay here.  I’ve confessed my gluttony and laziness to God and am begging Him to strengthen me.  This afternoon I’m going running with a friend who’s training for her first 5K.  I’m nervous b/c I haven’t run in a while, but glad to be getting back on the proverbial horse.  I’m planning a healthier dinner and then I just might try using teeth whitening strips tonight to keep me from eating.  I got the idea from another blog:

Diet Tip of the Day from “The V Spot”

And here’s my hope… next Tuesday I’ll be able to post about what a healthy week I’ve had… although I am leaving this Thursday for a girls weekend in Nashville… hmmm… is that possible?

♥Becki, imperfect eater and exerciser




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