Training Tuesday: Motivation

It’s definitely been a bad few weeks eating and exercise wise.  The summer schedule has me all out of whack.  Exercising in the morning is what works best for me, but in the summer when we aren’t getting up and going right away, the morning often slips by.  And as the day gets later and later my motivation gets less and less.

I loved running on the beach, but back home I run because I need exercise, not for enjoyment.  I tried P90x.  But in all honesty, I have no desire or motivation for an hour or more workout 6 days a week.  Out of all the exercises I’ve done, running was what I liked best… but when I say best its like saying I’d rather clean the toilets than scrub the shower, I don’t like either, but I hate cleaning the toilets less than I hate cleaning the shower.

So I will stick to running, but I need motivation.  A friend invited me to run a race in October.  I think that will help.  But I need to come up with a goal to get me training.  Last time my goal was simply to finish without walking.  I was very slow but achieved my goal.  So now I’m trying to decide what a realistic time goal is?

The fastest I’ve timed myself running 3 miles was 36 minutes.  (I told you I was slow!)  So that’s a 12 minute mile.   If the race is 3 months away, would it be realistic to hope to run the 5k in 30 minutes or less?  (10 minute miles)  I’m not even sure how to go about training to improve my speed.   So, all you runners out there, I need your help!  Let me know your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Training Tuesday: Motivation

  1. Becki, I think you are awesome! I think it’s hilarious that you say I motivated you to start running – – you TOTALLY kicked my slow butt with your 5K time! Mine was almost 45 minutes! (with a lot of walking). Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are awesome!

  2. Susan, 36 minutes was the fastest I ever timed myself and not my normal pace – that’s my I think I might vomit when I’m done pace!

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