Training Tuesday: Trying new things

My sister-in-law made a bold proclamation over Facebook: she is starting P90X.  My husband has the dvd’s and I’ve watched him do them.  He was in pretty good shape to begin with and he would be dripping in sweat when he finished (and leave his disgustingly wet clothes on the top of the hamper).  I definitely was impressed but never considered joining him.  Too intimidating! 

But when my sister-in-law made that proclamation, I began to wonder if I’m selling myself short.  Could I actually do it too?  So with her as inspiration, and my husband as a workout partner, I decided to give it a try.  So last night we did the first workout. 

It was not pretty!  I’ve decided that those types of videos should also show an out of shape person doing it for the first time, so the rest of us out of shape newbies wouldn’t feel like such a loser and want to give up!  But I pressed on.  I had to take lots of breaks between banana rolls, boat and bow poses and planks.  I was dripping with sweat, but I finished it.  And today when I woke up sore, I was glad I did it.

The one thing I’ve found with any type of exercise is that I might make excuses not to, I might procrastinate like crazy, I might come up with something else to do instead, but after I actually do it, I never regret it.

I’m planning on attempting the second workout tonight, but I’ll be honest, I’m not sure beyond that.  My hair’s not the type that needs to be washed everyday, and is a pain to dry/straighten it.  If I stuck to the P90X training plan, I’d definitely have to wash it every day after every sweat dripping workout!  I know that sounds like a lame excuse – but it is what it is… and I’ll boldly make this proclamation, that if I don’t do P90X, I will replace it with something else!

Is there something you are too intimidated to try?  Maybe you’re just selling yourself short and should go for it.


3 thoughts on “Training Tuesday: Trying new things

  1. My pressing on is the 10k I signed up for in July. My pathetic 1 mile or so run today will probably not help me in my running program but, like you, it was something and I did it. I have only run 3 races, all of which were 5ks and all of which were before I had my children. I call this my baby steps attempt to get back into regular routines of running. It’s amazing what paying for a race will do to motivate you. Perhaps it will get me into a routine that will stick. Perhaps not. Just like everyone else I’m trying to be healthy, but I’m pretty sure the skittles and starbursts I ate tonight aren’t helping. 🙂

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