Training Tuesday: Catching the running bug

I may have caught the running bug.  Earlier this year I challenged myself to run a 5k.  Using the “Couch to 5k” training program, I surprised myself and achieved my goal.  I found running to be convenient and a good workout, but I would never have said that I enjoyed running… well, not until the other day.

While at the beach, I went to the exercise room to workout.  It’s a tiny room with weight and cardio machines.  I hopped on the elliptical and after a couple of minutes, I looked around the small room at the ugly walls and at the tortured expressions on the other people working out.  I couldn’t take it.  I hopped off, and I headed outside to the beach.

I decided I’d try my first ever beach run.  I went down by the ocean to the hard sand and just started running.  I had no headphones for music, instead I listened to the sounds of the ocean.  I had no timer to keep track of time and I had no idea how far I was running.  I kept in mind that I was going to have to turn around and get back, but I was running with a sense of reckless abandon (is that the right term?).  I was pushing myself and sweating but it wasn’t torture – it felt good, even great.

Later that night as we were driving, I made Jeff see how far I had run.  (When I turned around, I remembered what hotel I was at.)  Turns out it was 1.5 miles so I ran 3 miles.  (Best 5k I’ve ever run!) So now I just need to find a place around home that makes running that enjoyable.

Have you found some type of exercise that you enjoy like that?

… oh, I forgot to mention that we were driving back from having Tony Luke’s cheesesteaks for dinner – so good, and gelato for dessert – yum.  Earned or sabotage… hmmm?



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