Wednesday’s Wisdom from the Word: Wrong for a wrong.

On Wednesdays I traditionally shared something I’ve learned about God’s Word.  I like to share it with a story or life lesson that really made an impression on me.  But as I shared yesterday, I hadn’t really been in the Word lately.  So I don’t feel too full of wisdom.

But all day long yesterday, I kept thinking about the “Verse of the Day” on my Bible app.  I read it to my oldest before he went to school.

“Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always strive to do what is good for each other and for everyone else.” (1 Thessalonians 5:15)

What a perfect verse for him!  He has been teased.  He has been laughed at.  He has been purposefully provoked.  And then his response tends to be so over the top, that he is the one who gets in trouble.  He is the one who ends up having a melt down.  And he is the one who continues the confrontation for days.

So we know what the Bible has to say about it.  Do not pay back wrong for wrong.  But as I read it to him and we talked about what it means.  I felt like I had nothing to honestly offer for how to live it out.  Because the human, protective, mama side of me doesn’t really mind that he kicks someone who teases him, or that he hits them with his pencil, or that he rips up their papers.  Because, frankly, I want to do that too.  And I’m kinda glad that he doesn’t just bottle up his anger, and that he stands up for himself.  But he’s repaying a wrong with a wrong.  He is not striving to do what is good for each other and for everyone.

So, I’m working on figuring out what that good is that he should be doing.  What does it look like when he’s being teased?   (Hopefully, this is a moot point and there won’t be any teasing this year!) Sure, I let the school know about the situations and the teasing and ideally they wouldn’t happen to begin with.  But I know we live in a world where teasing happens.  I want him to be a confident person … so sure of who he is as a Kerchner, as a son of God, that the teasing wouldn’t bother him… at least not send him into a rage of anger … and that he would strive to do good even in those situations.

So for now, I have no wisdom from the Word … just a command that I know we need to follow and the uncertainty of how to do  it!  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic.

Pressing on together,



4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wisdom from the Word: Wrong for a wrong.

  1. Actually, what you shared is perfect! Just what I needed to hear today, and you’d better believe this will be OUR breakfast conversation before school this morning!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  2. Becki your wisdom was there right in your own words…that he will learn to be secure in who he is as a Kerchner and a son of the One true God that the teasing doesn’t cause a negative reaction out of him. It is a process and a journey as we all learn that lesson. Who we are in Christ is our identity in this world. Every day we make the choice to believe we are who God says we are or listen to the lies that world spews out about us. You are an awesome mom and i too have wanted some justice for my kids when they have been picked on in school. But as they learned to turn the other cheek and bless and pray for those who persecuted them they became more of who God created them to be. Keep pressing on!

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