Training Tuesday: Strutting in a bathing suit

Have you ever watched Biggest Loser?  Sometimes as I watch the weigh in segment I wonder if I would be able to do that.  Would I be able to go on national television in tight shorts and a sports bra and stand on a scale for my weight to be displayed to all?  I noticed that on the first couple of episodes the ladies all look uncomfortable and they have their arms folded awkwardly in front of their bellies.  But by the end, even if they are still over 200 pounds, they stand there naturally with their arms at their sides, not trying to hide anything.  Why, because they are so proud of themselves that they feel like a supermodel… well maybe not quite a supermodel, but pretty close.

Last summer for one of the few times in my life, I comfortably walked around in a bathing suit, not reaching for a cover-up the instant I got out of the pool or ocean.  Why?  Because I had just lost weight and was consistently running and I felt good about myself.  Don’t get me wrong, my XL size body was still overweight and not going to land me any New York & Co. modeling gigs, but I could fit in their clothes instead of having to go to Lane Bryant for their plus size selection.

So here’s what I’ve learned – when I am taking care of myself, eating well, exercising, speaking kindly to myself, treating myself as God’s masterpiece, it doesn’t matter what size I am, I can be comfortable in my skin.  I can proudly walk around because I know my past failures of overeating and laziness are forgiven and that I am pressing on to take care of myself.

But when I’m not taking care of myself… when I’m overeating, when I’m skipping exercise for a nap or television show, then I feel like a fat blob.  It’s a downward spiral from there, I am unhappy so I eat more.  I don’t want to put on a bathing suit or shorts and play with my kids.  I have no energy so I lay around more.  My self talk becomes very hateful and destructive.  And it usually takes awhile for me to hear God whispering that…

He loves me no matter what weight I am.   

He loves me with an everlasting love not because of what I do or what I’ve done, but because of who I am – His creation, His daughter, His beloved, His masterpiece.

And when those words penetrate my heart, I know I need to take care of myself.  Not to earn or deserve God’s love, but in response to it.  I start eating better.  I start exercising.  I start getting more energy.  I start smiling more.  I start speaking kindly to myself.  I start forgiving myself.  I start walking around comfortably in a bathing suit…

So I wonder dear reader… today, Valentine’s Day, do you know that you are God’s beloved?  Do you know that He loves you with an everlasting love whether you are a size 2, 12, 22 or 32?  Let that love take hold of you… and treat yourself well, after all you are God’s prized possession.



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