Friends and Family Friday: Smiles from the mail

Yesterday I opened my mailbox and as usual it was full of circulars and junk mail and the dreaded bills… but there was also something in it that totally made my day…

A card!  And no, it wasn’t a Christmas card, a birthday card, a party invitation, or even a thank you card for a gift.  It was simply a card.  Not a text, not an email, not a post on my Facebook wall – but a handwritten card with a stamp and everything!

Why is that such a big deal to me?  Because it shows she took the time for me.  She pulled out one of her beautiful monogrammed note cards.  She grabbed a pen (that actually writes – that’s difficult in my house!) and hand wrote out her kind thoughts.  But she didn’t stop there, she had to look up my address (because I’m assuming she doesn’t have it memorized), wrote it on the envelope, put a stamp on the envelope, and actually mailed it.  All of those things take time – time that as a mother of 3, I know is precious to her, and it’s why most of my notes are through texts and emails and Facebook!  Now don’t get me wrong, I love receiving notes through texts, emails, and Facebook too – but this to me is above and beyond.  So thank you dear friend, for thinking of me and for taking the time to show me you care about me.  Totally made my day!  I’m smiling now just thinking of it!


P.S. What has a friend done for you lately that shows you she cares?  What have you done for a friend?


2 thoughts on “Friends and Family Friday: Smiles from the mail

  1. Yesterday while I was at the pharmacy getting meds for Wesley’s pink eye, a really nice lady noticed I was all out of patience with Wes. She asked if she could play games with him on her I-pad while we waited. That made my morning…god bless her.

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