Training Tuesday: The threshold

I did it!  I “ran” 3 miles for the first time since early July.  As usual, I use the term run very loosely, because my time for 3 miles was 46 minutes, which is over a 15 minute mile, but I didn’t stop to walk to take any breaks and I made it.  I’m pretty sure mentally the first mile was the toughest and I’m also pretty sure I could have run another mile when I was done, so I know I can push myself harder… but really with the way I’ve been slacking, it feels fabulous to know I can still “run” 3 miles.

On the flip side, according to the scale this morning, I’m up .4 pounds from last Tuesday.  Really, that’s no surprise because I certainly wasn’t eating like I wanted to lose weight.  As I was running today, I sat down on my mental therapist couch and was trying to figure out what’s going on that I seem stuck.  Last Spring, I broke 2 weight barriers, the second one was one that I hadn’t broken for 7 years. Seven years ago when I finally got down to that weight, which was a pre-pregnancy weight from 3 years prior, I got pregnant again.  And once again, my weight rose.  So I was pretty excited to hit that mark 7 years later, but then I stopped losing.  I stagnated… not because it is a healthy weight for me.  It was more like mentally I felt like that was a threshold I am unable to pass.  It is almost as if I don’t think that I am someone who weighs less than that.  Am I scared?  I’m not sure.  But I know when I got there, I stopped and then slowly started gaining weight again.

So now, I’m 6 pounds above that mark.  And I ask myself, is this who I see myself as?  Someone destined to be overweight for her whole life?  Or am I a skinny girl in a fat girl’s body – needing to step out of it?  I think in the quietness of my heart, I see myself as someone destined to be overweight for her whole life.  But… I know that’s not how God sees me.    His word tells me over and over otherwise.  But am I willing to trust Him on that?  Am I willing to sacrifice and exercise and deny myself the indulgence of food in exchange for being who He has created me to be?  I know there are probably some of you who want to scream at me, “Just do it… join Weight Watchers and stick to it!”  Well to be honest, I want to scream that to myself also… but I know there is a strong heart issue going on that I need to work out with God.  Because when this weight comes off, I want it to be for good.

So forgive my whining, I’m getting off the mental therapist couch and for now going to celebrate that I did my run.  And truly I pray that in the next month, I’ll be rejoicing on a Tuesday post that I’m below that threshold again.  Thanks for reading and giving me a forum to voice my frustrations and to hold myself accountable.  Hope you are doing better than me on your own health journey!



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