Friends & Family Friday: Inspired

I don’t know where yesterday and today went… really I wasn’t busy, but they slipped away and I just realized that I hadn’t written yet…

On Tuesday, I went to a friend’s funeral.  She was one of those women who always went above and beyond in friendship and hospitality and whose faith and outlook on life was inspiring to all she came in contact with.  At the funeral, numerous stories testified to that.  I left, saddened that she is gone, but encouraged and inspired to want to be more like Dawn in various ways.

  1. Dawn had a sign in her kitchen that said, “Be so happy that when others look at you, they’ll be happy too.”  Over and over people commented that Dawn was always smiling.  I’ve noticed in my life, my normal expression is a frown… even when I’m happy, I’m usually frowning unless I’m laughing or posing for a picture.  It doesn’t feel natural to smile, but I’m going to start.  I’m sitting here typing this trying to smile, and it actually feels weird, but I’m happy right now, I’m home with my whole family, we’ve had a nice day, and I’m happy… so why does it feel funny to smile?  I’m determined for a smile to be my natural expression… not a fake smile, but I’m usually happy so I should usually be smiling.  I’m still smiling now, and it still feels funny.
  2. Dawn was extremely hospitable.  She would have friends over and pull out her good china for tea.  A friend stopped over to drop something off, and Dawn invited her to stay for dinner and she used cloth napkins!  Dawn said, “It’s not hard to get closer to friends.  Everyone has a tea bag at their house, throw a pot of water on and call up someone to come over.  It’s that easy.”  What’s so inspiring to me about that, is Dawn didn’t live in a huge perfectly decorated home with a cleaning lady who kept it spotless.  She had a smaller home, that she kept homey and inviting.  That’s how I want to be!  I’m going to try to do more inviting.  But if I don’t call you up and invite you over, I’m giving you permission to randomly stop over for a visit… maybe I’ll invite you to stay for dinner.  Also I’d love it if you called and said, “I’m not doing anything this afternoon, mind if I stop over?”
  3. Smile more – I have to type that again, because I just reread what I’ve already written and realized I’m not smiling already!
  4. Be focused on others instead of myself.  Over and over people talked about how during her last months, Dawn was always comforting those around her and never had a “Woe is me” attitude.  I think I’m usually pretty good caring about others… until my life gets in the way.  Dawn was able to do that because she completely trusted God… which leads me to the last area…
  5. Dawn had complete faith in God even when it meant laying down her life.  A friend who visited her just 12 hours before she passed away said Dawn was filled with joy and peace.  I pray that I would daily put my trust in God and live a life that honors him.  I pray that no matter what troubles this world brings me, that like Dawn, I will know that Jesus has overcome.
So, as I continue to press on to be the woman who God created me to be, I thank you Dawn, for inspiring me to improve these areas.


P.S.  I’m hoping Hurricane Irene won’t be as bad here in PA as they are forecasting… but if my power’s out, I’ll write as soon as it’s back on!  Stay safe my east coast friends.


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  1. Even as I was reading this my memories of Dawn are so vivid that I forgot for just a moment that she is gone. Being her next door neighbor was such an amazing blessing to me, hardly anybody has any idea.

    Your smile is beautiful, you should use it a lot!

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