Mothering Monday: The sore loser

One of my imperfect boys has recently become a really sore loser.  Video games, checkers, baseball, board games, tooth brushing… all of these have lost their appeal as things to do with this particular son because of how angry he gets when he starts losing.  (Yes I meant to include tooth brushing in there, because when you have 3 boys in a household, anything can be a competition with a winner and a loser…)

The activity starts out innocently enough… everyone is smiling and having fun.  But then maybe he gets an out and he didn’t think he should, or someone jumps his checker, or someone puts tooth paste on their toothbrush first.  You can see his anger and frustration rising until he’s yelling at everyone around him.  We send him to his room, we refuse to play with him the next time, we talk about it, we comfort him, and you think, “Ok, he gets it, this will be the last time.”  But then the next time its the same thing.

As his mom, I will admit… it is sooooo frustrating and I don’t enjoy being around him when he’s like that.  Also I get embarrassed when others see it.  (Of course I’m embarrassed because I assume they are judging me as a mom…)

But then one night, after finishing reading our family Bible story, Jeff asked if someone would pray.  Who do you think said they would?  My little sore loser.  And here’s his prayer, “God thank you for such a great day and for all the creatures you made (not sure why, but he always includes that in his prayers).  Help me to not get angry when I lose.”  And a mother’s heart melts.  My little boy knows he’s imperfect but is not content to stay that way and is pressing on to grow into a Godly man!  Love him!

I would love to say that ever since he prayed that prayer that he’s been a good sport.  But that’s not the case.  However, my heart is a little softer knowing that he does not want to do that and God is at work in him!  (And of course I’m reminded of all my short comings that God is working on in me.)

♥Becki (imperfect wife of an imperfect man, imperfect mom of 3 imperfect boys, forgiven daughter of a perfect God.)

P.S.  If you have any thoughts on how to work with a sore loser, I’d love to hear!

I love your feedback and comments and even if I don’t reply to everyone, I read them all!  Also feel free to share any post through facebook or email… I’m still new to this Blog world and figuring out how to let people know it’s here to read :-)



One thought on “Mothering Monday: The sore loser

  1. Becki,
    Just want to let you know how much I enjoy your blogs, It is so wonderful watching you grow in Him and as a wife and mom. I did not not always take those every child struggles with stuff to the Lord, you know the (he will grow out of it or the every little boy wants to win!) as much as I should have and then I should have kept going to the Lord with it, again and again! A mothers pray, oh so sweet!!! Do it first and often!
    I do miss you.
    Love Nancy

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