Mothering Monday: Swim lessons

Last week a friend had invited us over to her house to go swimming.   It was so nice – the kids were all in the pool, and the moms sat on the side and chatted.  At one point, I looked over at my smiling, swimming, splashing, 7-year-old Bryan having such a great time.  It reminded me of an article that I wrote 2 years ago for my MOPS newsletter.  I came across it today and thought I’d share it again…

I love summer.  I love going to baseball games (both Bryan’s and the Phillies), having barbecues, going on bike rides, heading to the beach, and spending days at the pool.  Both Bryan (5) and Cole (3) love the baby pools but cling to me for dear life in the deep water.  Swimmies, floaties, life jackets… none of these provide the security they need to relax and enjoy it.   So this year, I decided to let someone else do the teaching and signed them up for swim lessons at Ursinus.  “Our pace will be aggressive and in some cases produce tears.”  Some cases turned out to be both Bryan and Cole.

I know it’s going to be good for them.  I know that once they overcome their fear, they’ll love swimming.  I also know its important for them to know how to be safe in the water.  But that doesn’t make it easier to sit for an hour and watch them scream and cry through their lesson.  How I want to run to them, scoop them up, and rescue them from their instructor who is firmly (although very sweetly) making them do each skill.  It took all my restraint to not run to him when Cole yelled at the top of his lungs, “I want my Mommy!”  Despite how difficult it was, I remained seated, smiled and waved.

When we went home after the first night, I asked who loves them the most in the whole world.  Bryan answered, “You do Mommy.”  “Would I let someone hurt you?”  “No Mommy.”  “That’s right sweetie.  I sat on the side and watched them teach you how to swim because I know how important it is for you to learn.  I won’t let anything happen to you.  I’m right there.  Trust me.  I love you.”

As I was talking to them, I thought how that could be a conversation God was having with any of us. I think He often allows bad situations in our life, not because He doesn’t care, not because He thinks we deserve to be hurt, but because He loves us more than anything.  He sees the end result; we only see what’s happening immediately.  I see my boys in the future laughing, splashing and having fun swimming; they only see this instructor making them do something they are deathly afraid of.  Just as I say to my boys, “Trust me.  I love you.”  I’m sure God is saying to us, “Trust me.  I love you.”  The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. (Deuteronomy 31:8)

♥Becki (wife of an imperfect man, mom of 3 imperfect boys, forgiven daughter of a perfect God.)

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  1. I identified so much with this! Thank you so much for writing this one. Jack has had challenges of his own. Not with swimming but with preschool. I won’t list his challenges here but there were times when i didn’t want to take him to school. I even told Jack, I love you and I want you to be successful that is why you go to preschool. Sometimes I even cried in private but he still went. Jack has his challenges every year with some aspect of school but every year he seems to overcome them. I am so proud of him! Awesome article, Becki!

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